Policy Effective Date:

4rd July 2015


The latest version of our privacy policy will be available through this website. When our policy is updated this page will be updated and we'll notify anyone who is subscribed to our services by email.

Our public website

We use cookies together with Google Analytics in order to improve our communications.

Our on-line software

Our on-line software deals with medical information. We use only 1st party cookies in order to provide a logged-in experience. All communication between your browser and our servers is encrypted using HTTP/SSL

Access to your data

You can begin a request to access your data by emailing us about that request. Generally, our policy is to grant you access to your information, however, we aim to respond appropriately and sensitively in regards to other people's privacy as well as complying to the law.

Updating incorrect information

Email us if you wish to update information you believe we hold that is incorrect.

Sharing information

Personal medical data is not shared with third parties unless:

  • we are required by law
  • it is part of our reporting activities to the government
  • it is part of our providing medical services

We may provide aggregate non-identifiable information to third parties for research purposes.